April 17, 2021

Top 10 Beaches in Sri Lanka – 1


Lying at the Indian Ocean, this glistening jewel of a nation does have everything you could need from a vacation destination; Sri Lanka is a joy to see.

House to an extraordinary selection of historical archaeological sites, beautiful national parks filled with woods, and of course a myriad of jaw-dropping beaches, travel around this great island country promises an unforgettable encounter.

Its long coastline features panoramic hidden coves, glorious sandy beaches and sleepy little fishing villages that you research, while beautiful coral reefs and pods of whales wait only offshore.

With such a huge array of incredible sights, it is is no surprise that Sri Lanka’s tourist market is flourishing. Its amazing beaches are simply one of the highlights which it has to offer you.

Yala Beach
Very far off the beaten path, this secluded shore appears quite rocky and untouched, along with the huge waves that pound the shore mean it is unsuitable for swimmingpool. But if you would like to immerse yourself in pristine character and couch on a glorious beach with hardly a soul in sight, then you have come to the ideal location.

Because of the remote location, there are not many dining or lodging alternatives available; this is part of their appeal for a lot of men and women who remain here. Most visitors combine their trip to the shore with a safari across the spectacular scenery at the neighboring Yala National Park.

Uppuveli Beach
Its sparkling white sands stretch for more than five km, and you will come across quite a few resorts and restaurants hidden from the palm trees. You always have the option to go into Trincomalee should you would like to explore Sri Lanka’s rich history and tasty cuisine.

By Uppuveli Beach, there are tons of trips you may take; lots of people decide to go ashore and whale-watching, as well as scuba diving and diving across its beautiful shoreline.

As this picturesque part of Sri Lanka is gaining in popularity each year, it’s a fantastic idea to go there today although it’s still calm and scenic.

Hikkaduwa Beach
A cool place to go to tourists, this beautiful beach is determined by Sri Lanka’s southwest shore and seems really untouched and unspoiled, with palm trees drifting across its golden sands.

Owing to its popularity, there are loads of stores, restaurants, and resorts available along the shore, in addition to plenty of excellent beachside bars and a few lively clubs. Even though there’s a extremely chilled out feeling about city throughout the afternoon, after seeing a glorious sunset, a lot of men and women dancing the night off with all the Indian Ocean lying directly with them.

As a gorgeous coral reef lies just offshore, Hikkaduwa Beach is a wonderful spot to see if you enjoy scuba diving; you are guaranteed to find a sea turtles gliding about because you explore the abundant marine life.

Hiriketiya Beach
Situated on the outskirts of Dikwella, Hiriketiya Beach is shielded by a beautiful little cove. As a result, it’s an excellent place to go snorkeling and swimming, as the oceans are so calm.

The scenery is stunning, as trees bunch about its golden sands. Hidden away across the shore are various hotels and hotels for people to select from, even though the region still feels really undeveloped compared with a number of Sri Lanka’s beaches.

Perfect for individuals searching for a relaxing retreat, Hiriketiya Beach’s proximity to a other beautiful beaches means you could explore all over the shore whilst utilizing the market city of Dikwella as a foundation.

Tangalle Beach
Far smoother and more relaxed than a lot of the other shores along Sri Lanka’s southern shore, Tangalle Beach apparently stretches forever. Its gentle sands and magnificent scenery are ideal for extended strolls, together with all the Indian Ocean peacefully lapping at the beach.

With a lot of fantastic restaurants, bars, and hotels dotted around, Tangalle has everything you might want in a vacation destination. It’s growing increasingly more popular with the calendar year, with many people deciding to go scuba diving in the local coral reefs.

Along with the enchanting look and texture to Tangalle Beach, it’s also situated near some sights that are worth checking out, like the cave temple of Mulkirigala along with the gorgeous scenery of Rekawa Lagoon.