April 17, 2021

10 Bizarre Fashion Trends Hype For No Reason – 1

10 Bizarre Fashion Trends Hype For No Reason

10 Bizarre Fashion Trends Hype For No Reason – 1

5. Ear Gauging

Piercings are generally performed as a fashion statement but in countries like Africa those piercings are part of the culture. An African American ritual would be to extend the ear out and putting substantial rings inside. Nevertheless it has seeped to the younger generation for a fashion trend and is just merely bizarre. Gothic Lolitas

4. Gothic Lolitas

Most of us know the comic craze which goes in Japan however, the current trend has only weirded out us. Gothic Lolitas have taken within the fashion fad in Japan in which girls are dressing in gothic makeup and clothing using an umbrella as a brace. Hoof Footwear

3. Hoof Footwear

The shoe tendency seen on runways would be the lace footwear. All these are sneakers in the form of hoofs and they seem just like these. These seem so frightening as though folks simply became centaurs. Meggings

2. Meggings

We know unisex style and enjoy it as well. However, some things are only supposed to be worn out with a single sex and leggings are among these. The Hitler trend

1. The Hitler craze

Hitler expired a long time ago but his style sense has remained. Thailand has been lately seen using a Hitler fashion trend. Folks are seen wearing tops with Hitler’s faceaccessories, posters and a number of different items. We are very concerned about the Thai country.